Vissi D'Arte
Homage to Giacomo Puccini

Giacomo Puccini died on 14 November 1914 and this single is the Saxofollia Quartet's homage to the Tuscan composer, one of the most revolutionary of his age, to mark the 90th anniversary of his passing.

Significantly, Puccini was the first Italian composer to include saxophones in the score of an opera, Turandot - they double the melody in the children's chorus.


Arranged by: Roberto Sansuini.

Recorded at Studio ERMES of Vignola (MO)
Mix and Master: Blue Beet Studio of Lucio Boiardi Serri (RE)
Production: Trifonica Edizioni Musicali
Graphic project: Liviana Davì

The cover is taken from a sketch of Martha Simili, musician and painter, who imagines an inspired saxophonist Puccini.