Saxofollia and Stefania Rava

What happens when a singer meets a saxophone quartet?

When song encounters the instrument which, according to Giacomo Puccini, most resembles the human voice?

In this programme, Saxofollia sets out to pay homage to the Voice, and it does so in partnership with one of Italy's finest, most eclectic singers: Stefania Rava.

The programme of the concert, which offers a continuous alternation of classical music and swing, comprises some of the greatest songs from the shows that have gone down in the history of jazz.

So it includes pieces by George Gershwin, Kurt Weill and Duke Ellington, alternating with songs that musical history has given jazz standard status. The arrangements are original and written specifically for this ensemble by composers of the calibre of Sansuini or Parmigiani, who have skilfully interwoven Stefania's voice with that of the saxophone quartet.

The result of this partnership is therefore a blend of sounds rarely heard on the contemporary music scene, a peerless expression of the passion and also the tenderness that the finest of all musical instruments, the human voice, is able to convey.

There are always new sounds to imagine; new feelings to get at.

John Coltrane