Saxofollia and Marco Pierobon

The partnership between the Saxofollia Quartet and Marco Pierobon is without a doubt one of the most successful associations on the Italian music scene: the sax quartet’s flair and vivacity are the perfect base for the unique virtuosity and crystalline sound of Marco Pierobon’s trumpet.

This partnership has inspired a new concert programme in which, thanks to the fine arrangements by Roberto Sansuini, the alternation between the reed instruments and the solo trumpet is carefully calculated to highlight the different musical personalities involved.

The versatility and multi-faceted brilliance of the saxophone quartet, with its ability to switch rapidly from restrained classical sounds to those of a miniature Big Band in full swing, make this an unusual, constantly varying programme.

In fact the group’s repertoire ranges from classical music (variations on the Carnival of Venice) to jazz (I Remember Clifford), with pieces taken from the film music repertoire (Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, Duck, You Sucker!) or South American music (Bandolim, Piazzolla).

The audience will be transported into an iridescent, dynamic yet sophisticated musical landscape, featuring a vast range of styles and sounds, thanks to the dazzling technique and refined musical taste of outstanding soloist Marco Pierobon.