Saxofollia and Corrado Giuffredi

A fine soloist, a group of instrumentalists with an admirable ensemble and a varied, attractive repertoire: these are the features of this Saxofollia programme, an ideal celebration of the group's relationship with one of the leading international solo players: Corrado Giuffredi.

The sax quartet is without a doubt one of the most versatile, adaptable chamber groups; it can create the velvety tone of a carpet of strings or the depth of an organ or, transform itself in an instant into a swinging, throbbing rhythm section. This complete, versatile blend of sounds make it the ideal formation for accompanying an instrument like the clarinet.

The group's repertoire ranges from jazz, with pieces taken from the repertoire of iconic swing clarinettists like Hengel Hualdi or Arti Shaw, to music from the Balkans, by way of the Argentine tango (Piazzolla).

The listener is caught up in a multifaceted, sparkling sound world that is never repetitive and often unusual, that will enable him to explore different sounds and a multiplicity of styles, interpreted by the masterly elegance and unrivalled virtuosity of Corrado Giuffredi.