Into The Trumpet

“Into the Trumpet”: a whole album dedicated to trumpets and trumpeters. After the reeds, on this occasion the saxophone quartet is joined by the trumpets of Andrea Giuffredi, Flavio Boltro, Francesco Lento, Franco Capiluppi, Marco Pierobon, Matteo Beschi and Stjepko Gut. The repertoire is varied and is specifically chosen to display each soloist's gifts to best effect; all arrangements are by Roberto Sansuini, Professor at the “A. Boito” Conservatory, Parma. In these new versions, each piece becomes a world of its own, a finite temporal space offering the opportunity to enjoy the sounds, virtuosity and harmonies of the solo trumpets, ably supported by the sumptuous, compact sound of the saxophone quartet. “Into the trumpet” is thus the second album within a wider-ranging project, which sees Saxofollia opening out to other musicians, in the belief that music is a force for unity. A means of uniting audience and musicians, enabling them to rejoice in and enjoy the music together. Because enjoyment is the key to accessing music's more recondite characteristics and appreciating all its many facets - even the most erudite.