Estate is a homage to some of the greatest figures in the history of jazz. With its multifaceted, chameleon-like versatility, a saxophone quartet is ideal for re-creating the moods of the different currents into which jazz has divided over the years. The programme therefore includes pieces from the Bebop and Cool traditions, not forgetting George Gershwin, one of the first to use the language of jazz in classical music.

The programme also features original music in the form of a piece composed especially for the Saxofollia quartet by Roberto Sansuini, intended as a celebration of both great saxophonist Lester Young and iconic bass player Charles Mingus.

The suite dedicated to Bill Evans is a tribute to one of the inventors of the West Coast genre known as Cool. These 7 pieces, a continuous alternation of classic and jazz sounds, enable the Saxofollia quartet to display all its impressive versatility.

To conclude, Estate, the piece that gives its title to the group's latest disk (Trifonica, March 2015), is the only Italian song to have become a jazz standard, thanks to recordings by great musicians like Chet Baker, Stan Getz or Michelle Petrucciani; it is therefore included in the programme in the new arrangement by Stefano Nanni.

This is a varied, attractive programme that takes the listener on a journey through a succession of moods in sound, from the Swing Era of the '30s to the golden age of the clubs on 52nd Street.


G. Gershwin - Selections From “Porgy and Bess”

D. Ellington - Elling-Tones

B. Evans - Tribute to Bill Evans

B. Martino - Estate

R. Galliano - Viaggio