S axofollia Saxophone Quartet is one of Italy's best known and most popular chamber music ensembles.

First prize-winner at 8 national and international competitions, the group has been together since 1993, playing at major events such as Concerti in Campidoglio (Rome), XVII Festival internazionale del Saxofono (Ascoli Piceno), Note di Passaggio (Amici della Musica), Festival Jazz in’It, Festival Musicale Estense (Modena), Festival Villa Solomei (Perugia), Concerti di Cortile Mercato Vecchio (Verona), Concerti in Villa-Circolo Culturale Bellunese (Belluno), Soli deo Gloria (Reggio Emilia), Arte Musica Roana (Vicenza), Festival Verdi (Parma), and the 14th World Saxophone Congress (Ljubljana).

Saxofollia's members have been playing for years with top symphony orchestras such as La Fenice (Venice), Carlo Felice (Genoa), Filarmonica della Scala (Milan), Arena (Verona), Teatro dell’Opera (Rome) Teatro Comunale (Bologna), Orchestra Regionale Dell’Emilia Romagna, Sinfonica di Sanremo and Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana.

Versatility and a constant seek for new musical genres are among the best qualities of this formation, which have been widely expressed in the different projects the group has brought on the stage. Saxofollia plays with mastery and ease not only classical repertoire, such as baroque or opera, but also jazz music, moving from swing to be-bop up to modern jazz.

All the pieces played by Saxofollia are compositions and original arrangements specially created to highlight the different talents of each single musician.

The quartet has a number of established collaborations with internationally renowned soloists who are part of more than 20 projects involving recording productions and concerts.

Saxofollia has recorded Omaggio a J. Françaix, Like Strings, On The Reed, Vissi D’arte, Into the Trumpet, Estate, Voice on Air and Portraits also available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Some of their tracks have recently entered the "iTunes Top 100 Chart" of the most popular pieces in countries such as U.S.A, Canada and Japan.

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Saxofollia Estate
Saxofollia Voice on Air
On The Reed
Saxofollia Into the trumpet
DEFINITIVO - CD Like Strings


I am glad that Gerry's music continues to inspire you to keep the passion for beautiful music alive as you are doing, and I wish you every success.

Franca R. Mulligan

From time to time, one comes across disks which have difficulty in justifying their existence. This is definitely not the case with "On the Reed": the Saxofollia Quartet play with good taste, grace and elegance in a varied, attractive repertoire, aided by skilful arrangements that display the musicians' talents to excellent effect.

Roberto Cappello

The disk "Like Strings", revealing the qualities of an ambitious, talented quartet, expresses the "horn's" noblest side.

Mario Marzi

Ok, wait a minute. That was...astounding. It was absolutely impeccable in every way. The group's blend, intonation and time are all beyond reproach. The rhythmic precision was exceptional and the breath control and integrity of everyone's sound show a group with a deep skill set and training. And yet it also grooved from beginning to end. I am seriously blown away! Thank you for playing my piece and sending it over for me to hear. Perhaps we can do something together at some point.

Gordon Goodwin

It may really seem to be an act of folly, but this form of madness is brimming with energy and enthusiasm. It is this distinctive character that delights the listener throughout the performances in "Like Strings". In an age when listening pleasure is apparently no longer an essential, hearing such a dynamic group of musicians makes one feel that all is not lost in the world of music.

Pierpaolo Maurizzi