Musica, Cinema, Teatro

Musica, Cinema, Teatro is a parade of pieces based on the tunes that have made the finest scenes in the history of the cinema truly unforgettable.

The programme aims to celebrate the masterly musicianship of a number of Italian composers of film scores, including Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone and Nicola Piovani, whose works have helped to establish the world-class status of Italian cinema and music.

There is also a homage to Leonard Bernstein, who has often given the saxophone a leading role in his soundtracks.

It is an easy-listening repertoire that will convey the listener into the magical world of cinema classics, aided by the vitality and irresistible musicality of the Saxofollia quartet.


L. Bernstein Medley from “West Side Story”

N. Piovani La vita è bella

N. Piovani La voce della luna

E. Morricone Promenade with Morricone

N. Rota La dolce Vita

N. Rota 8 ½